The Purposeful Passion Program

A Journey to Unleashing Your Dreams and Living on Purpose!


(8 Week Program)


Discover your passion and purpose through motivational guidance and nurturing support.

Empower your life!


The Process:

Recognizing and Nurturing Your Dreams

Clearly Defining Your Desires

Creating an Inspired Vision

Designing Supportive Surroundings

Embarking on Your Goals!


The Outcome:

 Moving beyond your glass ceiling to achieve new found success.

Valuing and nurturing YOU!

Recognizing & removing blocks holding you in place.

Revealing your TRUE passion

Inspired Self-Confidence to follow your passion to your purpose.

A balanced environment which nurtures your life.


 Be inspired and uplifted through eight weekly, one hour, one on one, phone or email empowerment sessions as well as PDF worksheets and exercises, to guide and motivate you on your journey. 

 A personal Feng Shui assessement to enhance your surroundings.

 A set of personal empowerment gemstones to increase supportive positive energy. (Kyanite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Citrine)

The Guided Meditation for Clarity MP3 & Accompanying Journal


 Unlimited direct email support.


 An investment in yourself is the greatest expression of self-love! The first step to your Passion Filled Life begins here!


Beginning November 1st ~ $888.00

 Launch Special Through October 31st! ~ Over 64% Off

ONLY~ $319.00 in full or 2 payments of $165.00!


Begin your journey TODAY by contacing Allison:


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