Fabulous Feng Shui ~ The Fine Dining of Living!




To create the life you deserve it is vital to create an environment which supports you in every way. Subtle changes generate powerful results! With a simple recipe it will be possible to rework that with which you already surround yourself into a place of balance and harmony. 


Full House, In Home Consultation

Contact for areas serviced)-$350.00


Virtual Consultation, through photos and email



Color Consultations



The colors in a room set the entire tone for the space just the the main ingredient in any recipe. When you are ready for a change but are unsure where to begin, start with a color consultation.


Color has a huge impact on your mood, attitude and the energy of a room. Empower your space and yourself by selecting the appropriate colors to support the changes you desire in your life.



My experience and training with Lowes, Valspar and Olympic paint experts has given me the ability to help you choose not only the best paint colors for your home but the best finish, brand and more. Make BIG changes with a small investment by renewing your space with color.

The Clutter Busters eWorkshop

$ 35.00 USD

The first ingredient to a supportive environment is a clutter free space!  


This self guided workshop will help you through Clutter Clearing step by step! Clear Your Space~FREE Your Life! Clutter can have negative effects on every aspect of your life! It is time to take charge of your "stuff!" The workshop includes: Valuable information to jump start your clutter clearing process, worksheets, your own Personal Clutter Journal, email support from me AND A Certificate of Completion for you to display proudly when your clutter is cleared!


ONLY $35.00!! 


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