There are three words and phrases that can have an enourmous impact on your outlook to life! They aren't "dirty" in a naugty way but they surely do carry a weight of negativity along with them. Those three little things are:

~ Should
~ Need
~ Have To

As you go through your day telling yourself that you "should" be doing this....."have to" be doing that or even that you need something, your mind is registering a sense of disempowerment and lack. Lets take a look at the shift that can occur when a simple adjustment is made in your way of thinking.

"Today I have to go to work." Let's change this to, Today I CHOOSE to go to work! Yes, you DO have a choice. There is nothing more empowering than recognizing that you are in charge of you and you do make the conscious choice to get up each day and go to work. Even if it isn't the ideal or perfect job you aren't stuck! You choose to be working!

How about "should"? "I really "should" be cleaning up the dinner dishes right now." How about choosing or allowing yourself another option. When you feel that you should be doing something you are again saying that you have a burden upon you and feel left without choice! Make the statement that you are "ALLOWING" yourself to let the dishes sit until a later time as you have chosen to do something else at the moment! Giving yourself permission and allowing the option to handle a task later can free up your spirit to actually enjoy the other things that you are participating in at that moment!

And lastly...the dreaded NEED! What is a need? A need is something that you lack. Do you feel as though you always "need" something? If so then you must feel a great deal of lack in life! Change the need to a desire! I desire a few moments of peace and quiet feels SO much better to say than I need peace and quiet! Yes, each and every one of us has basic needs, however keeping a mindset of desire is a much more powerful way to create positive shifts in your life!

Take an inventory for the next few days of how many times you think you have to, should do or need something! Each time you catch yourself with one of these thoughts, pause and shift your thinking to choosing, allowing and desiring! This simple little change will have HUGE impacts on your outlook on life!

Shift your energy to a higher place and experience the amazing results that come with it!

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