Although I generally focus on Love, Romance & Relationships, I thought it would be FUN to share with you, the amazing abundance of "The Magic Purse!" I discovered the value of having a magic purse a few years ago as I was beginning my own journey onto my path of abundance, love and sharing with others!

What on earth is a magic purse?! It is a purse, yes a real purse, or a decorative glass replica of a purse if you prefer, that you utilize as a manifesting tool!

How does it work? Take the time to treasure hunt for and obtain a purse that calls out to you loud and clear! One that you love to look at, that is small enough to fit on a dresser or table and that can stand upright under its own power. Next, take a blank check and write your name on the Pay to the Order of Line. Then, write in ANY amount that you desire in the dollar amount line. Lastly, sign it, The Universe. Place this check in your magic purse, while setting the intentions that your abundance will increase each and every day.

Begin to add affirmations to your magic purse over the next week or so. What do you desire to bring into your life? An abundance of friendships? A better job? A romantic relationship? The sky is the LIMIT! 

As you begin to receive new and wonderful things into your life, go back through your purse and tidy up! Change out an old affirmation for a new. Rewrite your check for an even larger dollar amount...whatever feels right to you, DO IT!

Make this a lighthearted and FUN experience. Joy manifests experiences more quickly than any other emotion! So get out there, have a blast finding your new purse and begin to create an AMAZING amount of abundance in your life!