This morning as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and browsing my Facebook page I saw a great post by Paula Deen about color! She loves to surround herself in soothing blue tones and enjoys the feelings they bring. In Feng Shui color is such an important tool for creating supportive surroundings and bringing in specific energies. When Paula said she loved blues I though HOW PERFECT! Blue carries with it the energy of Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. As she shares recipes with others and teaching people how to love the art of cooking, it only makes sense that she would be drawn to the color blue!

If you are looking to increase your love energy try adding a few spashes of red to yourself and your environment! Keep in mind that red is an entire family of colors! From pink to orange! Be creative and you will notice a boost in your personal relationship energy!

Ways to introduce reds:

For the bedroom, bring in a few throw pillows or accent items. As this is a place for rest and relaxation you won't want to "fire" up the energy too much, but a touch of "spice" will rev up your romance!

Do you have a presentation coming up for work or business? Wear something RED to show your personal power! You will be spilling over with wonderful energy as you sport a red suit, shoes or even my favorite, the red power purse! :) Try something new today and see how it feels!

The kitchen: I love to remind everyone that the kitchen is the heart of the home. You nurture yourself and your family through the meals that are prepared in that space. Add a few splashes of red by bringing in colorful dish towels, pots or even cooking utensils!

The bathroom: Warm up this cool space by wrapping yourself in warm colored towels as you step out of the tub and having a few red candles on the counter as a treat for those long soaks in the bath!

Each little detail that you add and surround yourself with will go a long way to firing up your love energy! As you recognize that you deserve to be loved and nurture yourself with self love your attraction quotient will be raised to new hieghts!

Find something red today...and ROCK IT!