To Journal is Divine!

Journaling is a powerful tool which can help unlock your natural inner-guidance system. Having the freedom to open your mind and your heart, in a safe environment, can open you up in an entirely new way. Allowing your mind to flow freely, while enjoying calm relaxed time for you, is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself. Solving a nagging issue, expressing desires and working through stumbling blocks to your joy, can all take place with a calm mind, inner wisdom and a journal in which to express yourself!

A journal is like a dear friend. A secret keeping, non-family, non-friend, non-judgemental shoulder to lean on. You don't need anything fancy to get started just sit down with a notebook and write! If you don't have anything to write about....just quiet your mind for a moment and let your pen flow. Your inner-self and inner-wisdom will begin to shine through. A journal is the friend with which you can ALWAYS be yourself & say ANYTHING you want.

To make your journaling time special consider where you will be writing. Create a sacred space, so to speak, where you can sit comfortably, be quiet, relax and enjoy uninterrupted time with YOU. Ask your family to respect that space for 15 to 30 minutes. Even though this may take them some time to get used to, keep up the routine and it will become a usual thing that they can expect you to do.

Invest in a journal which visually appeals to you.....and a pen that is fun to write with. Take some time touching, holding and getting a feel for the journal you select. It will be with you for a while, therefore make it a mental retreat by having something you look forward to diving into. Getting into the routine of writing will help you to tap into your authentic self.

If you don't have time to refresh your body mind and spirit.....each task you complete will seem even harder, the Universe is not receiving the messages that you VALUE YOU and your wheels of change will keep spinning in the same direction. An investment in yourself is THE most important one that you can make. Value yourself enough each day to set a date with you and your journal. The rewards will be unmeasurable!

You can DO IT!