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It's Not You...It's Them!

Posted by Allison Moss on Tuesday, August 30, 2011,

I have been seeing many articles lately which speak of either negative situations, negative people or even bullying. There is one thing that each and every one of these things have in common. It is NOT you, it's THEM!

Take the bully for example, why does someone feel the need to bully? It's simple, low self-esteem. The person that bullies has something that they feel they need to prove, either to themselves or someone else, and they do this by belittling others. The only way this poor person ...

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Three Dirty Little Phrases

Posted by Allison Moss on Monday, August 22, 2011,

There are three words and phrases that can have an enourmous impact on your outlook to life! They aren't "dirty" in a naugty way but they surely do carry a weight of negativity along with them. Those three little things are:

~ Should
~ Need
~ Have To

As you go through your day telling yourself that you "should" be doing this....."have to" be doing that or even that you need something, your mind is registering a sense of disempowerment and lack. Lets take a look at the shift that can occur when a ...

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 A Bit of Feng Shui FUN!

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