Have you ever had one of “those” days, where no matter what you do, you just can’t shake a foul mood? No matter how positive or upbeat you are there comes a day, maybe even out of the blue, when the grumpies take over and nothing feels or seems quite right. Instead of letting the crankiness or the blahs take over, try a few of these fun and uplifting ideas to set your mood back to its peppy, happy, unique state!


1. Call a friend~ It’s fun to get in touch with someone you haven’t connected with in a while. Take a moment to pick up the phone and make a call. You will be able to forget what is bothering you for a bit and have a few moments of fresh new fun.


2. Go on a date~ Make plans to go to lunch or dinner with your sweetie or even the girls! Having a special event to look forward to can lift your spirits in no time! (Especially if a new outfit is on the menu!)


3. Exercise~ I know, that doesn’t sound like fun however just getting out for a walk can shake off a bad mood! Exercise releases endorphins and a change of environment is always a great way to shift your thoughts to different things.


4. Write a Letter~ Get in touch with a long lost Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or anyone else that you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Since most people like to share good news when they write, it will open your eyes to the positive things that you have going on instead of keeping your focus on those things that are bugging you at the moment.


5. Clear up Clutter~ Clutter can make anyone grumpy! Having to search for something you’ve misplaced in a pile of junk mail is no way to start the day. Take a few moments to get organized. Tidy up your desk, sort through your paper trash, donate unused clothing or anything else that you find you don’t use. The rewards will be wonderful as you see the nice, tidy space that you end up with!


6. Dive into a book~ If a vacation isn’t on the horizon, take a trip with your favorite characters by diving into a book. The mental escape can be just enough to lift your spirits and refresh your mind.


7. Splash on some color~ It’s hard to be blue or cranky when you see your hot pink toenails or electric blue fingertips! Try on a color that you don’t usually use and flaunt it! Don’t stop with your nails. Find a fun new lip color to sport as well.

8. Soak in the tub~ Fill up your tub with hot water, bath salts or bubble bath, light a few candles and dive on in. As your body is soothed by the warmth your spirit will be soothed by the wonderful scents and the indulgence of it all.


9. SMILE~ Even if you don’t feel like breaking into a big grin, fake it till you make it! As you smile at others they will offer one in return. It’s hard to stay blah when you have people smiling at you all day long.


10. Let go~ Give yourself permission to let go of anything that is bothering you. If you can’t do anything about it right this moment, don’t waste the beauty of now by worrying about it. Always remember that tomorrow is another day! Don’t let this day be anything less than wonderful.


Bonus Tip~ Meditate! If you have people coming to you all day needing your help, asking questions or surrounding you in general, it is easy to become overloaded and drained. Taking even 15 minutes to quiet your mind and soothe your senses is an amazing tool to re-energize your spirit!


Try one of these tricks or stack a few together and create a special day to rejuvenate your spirit! No matter what you choose to do, the action you take is what truly moves you forward out of your funk. Have fun, be light of spirit and move on past the grumpies and quickly as you can.


Have a beautiful day...SMILE!