How do you feel about you? Do you LOVE yourself, your life and everything about you?

There is not another person like you in this world! Did you know you have unique gifts and talents that you were born with, that the world needs each and every day?

Many people may find this hard to believe. Throughout each and every day, stress, outside influences, disappointments and more can add up to a very low sense of self. When you experience these things it becomes harder and harder to tap into the essence of you and recognize how INCREDIBLE you are!

Self-esteem and self-confidence are a huge factor in how you approach each and every day. If you feel as though your opinions don’t count, you won’t speak up. Or if you feel that someone is prettier or better looking than you, you may not approach someone that you are attracted to. Don’t sell yourself short! Uniquely you is ALWAYS good enough!

How do you break out of the cycle of feeling unworthy and low self-confidence? Begin with this simple exercise. Make a list of five things that you truly LOVE about you. It is sometimes hard to come up with this list as it may feel false or unreal, but keep going and find a few things that are amazing about you. It may be your eyes, your ability to listen or even a special talent such as dancing! No matter what you put down on your list, make certain that you truly feel and believe these things! Next, post your list somewhere that you can see it often. Inside of your wallet or purse, in the front of your day planner or journal, anywhere that you will be reminded how amazing you are!

This simple exercise can create a shift in your mindset which will help you to focus on the qualities you love in yourself instead of focusing on the negatives. Over time, add to your list, change the things that you like most and continue to boost your self-confidence!

You are the only person that can be the best YOU! Share your gifts with the world and be INCREDIBLE!

* If you have struggled with self-confidence or self-esteem, let's work together to tap into your Divine self! Through support and loving guidance your world will open up to new amazing possibilities. Visit the Love Lessons page for more details!