As I have had a terrible summer cold for the past few days, I have decided that today is going to be, Spoil Me Day! As we go through our regular routines it can be hard to take a few moments to do something nice for yourself. Taking time to care for YOU is however, an important part of recognizing you deserve love, are worthy of goodness and will encourage others to treat you well in return.

Each simple thing that you do can have a very positive affect on your sense of self and your well being! Try out one or two of these this week and enjoy the happiness boost that you give to yourself!

1.) Cook "comfort food"- Comfort food doesn't have to be unhealty or packed with calories! When you're feeling the need for a bit of nurturing make something that your Mom or Grandmom used to fix! Chicken & dumplin's is one of my favorites! Mmmm....Make enough that you can indulge in more than one meal so that you won't have to cook again for a day! You'll love the way it makes you feel and it will give you a break in the kitchen for a bit!

2.) Indulge in aromatherapy- Scents trigger memories that can uplift your spirit in wonderful ways! Treat yourself to a reed diffuser, new candle or even a new body spray! Lavender is relaxing, ylang ylang induces feelings of romance and anything citrus boosts energy levels! Take a few minutes to sniff a variety of scents and pick out the one that suits your positive intentions! (*Shopping Hint- Wal-Mart has a amazing assortment of scents in their craft section! You can pick your glass bottle, your oil and your reeds to create a personalized diffuser for under $10! I have found the oil quality is fairly good and really does diffuse throughout a large room! My favorite, the Jasmine and White Gardenia oil. Oh yum!) If your budget is TIGHT put a few cinnamon sticks or cloves in a pot and simmer them slowly on the stove! You can do this with rosemary too!

3.) Use your local library for fun, Free treats for YOU!- Dive into a good book, relax with a movie or download a digital book copy for your ereader! I have been amazed recently by the resources available from my local library! Spend the day rushing off to an exotic location with an adventure story, catch up on your favorite TV shows through their DVD series copies or even find an audio book to listen to while pampering yourself in the tub! Whatever you choose you can't go wrong with free and fun entertainment for YOU time!

4.) Sleep in or go to bed early! How much sleep do you get each night? Most people only manage an average of only 5 hours. Indulge your mind, body and spirit in a rejuvenation day by allowing yourself a day to catch up on rest! You will find yourself energized and be refreshed in spirit as you take on the tasks of a new day!

5.) Unplug for a day! Even though it may not seem possible, the world can and will continute to function if you take a day off! All of the wonderful tools which keep us connected, cell phones, computers and more, do take a toll on our energy levels. The EMF's that are emitted from electronices can be draining! If you have been feeling unusually tired try unplugging for a few hours and focusing on something you have been longing to do! Paint a picture, go for a walk or even sit in a cafe' sipping something delicious! Your body and mind with thank you!

Be creative and schedule time to spend with you! As you recognize you are worthy of treating yourself well you raise your vibration! As you raise your vibration you attract things and people of a higher quality! Indulging yorself isn't a selfish act it is anecessary one! You deserve it!