How can you feel free?

To achieve a greater feeling of personal freedom, it is important to set priorities,
reduce all avoidable stress and improve time management skills.
These 10 steps, when applied consistently, will enable you to reduce draining influences 
on your life and assist you make changes to improve your self-care.

1. Act Deliberately

Decide the outcome you desire and work back to where you are now. Identify specific steps
you need to take to achieve your outcome and then take deliberate action to move towards your goal.

2.Learn to Say NO!

Prioritize what is important in your life, what you have time for and what activities nourish
you. Practice saying NO effectively to requests that will put extra demands on you and drain
your ability to perform at your peak. 

3. Build Reserves
Build reserves of things you need, such as time, love, space, energy. Whenever you have 
the opportunity, put actions in place to ensure these reserves are topped up to supply you 
with more than you need. When you have full reserves you are in the best place to feel totally
in control and cope with unexpected demands when they arise. 

4. Become needless
A need is something that you must have in order to be your best. Be truthful with yourself 
about what you really need and put actions in place to achieve them. When your needs are
satisfied you are able to feel more free and relaxed. 
5. Let go of those people who are too demanding or limiting - “strength sappers”
We all know of people that constantly place demands on us, or people who make us feel 
low or deflated. We also know people who make us feel alive, energized, positive, invincible. 
Wherever possible, spend time with the second group of people because nothing is as 
infectious as attitude - whether it is positive or negative. 

6. Guard the self
Feel free to take time each day for yourself - your "self care". It is important to allow yourself
time for quiet and stillness, especially as lifestyles are becoming more frantic and 
demanding. Maybe take a walk, listen to music or meditate to reach your inner self. Do something you can really identify with.

7. Act spontaneously
Respond to situations rather than react to them. Seize opportunities as they arise. If your 
gut instinct tells you it is good for you (and it is not harmful to yourself or others) GO FOR IT.
Being spontaneous helps you to feel free by discarding inhibitions that may be limiting 
your life. "Life is not measured in breaths, but the moments that take your breath away."

8. Erase personal history
Become non-judgemental. Only offer opinions when asked for them. 

9. Reduce your toleration
What situations or people are you tolerating? How can you reduce these drains on you? 
What is making you tolerate them? How would you feel if that situation or person was no 
longer a drain on you? Would you feel more free? 

10. Stop wanting
Wants come from a feeling that something is lacking. This only gives focus to what you 
perceive to be lacking, allowing it to have more power over you. Abandon that feeling and
identify what you have already in your life.