I LOVE Fall...more than any other time of year. The crisp air, beautiful colors and a warm fire all lift my spirits in AMAZING ways!

I was inspired to post this yesterday on Facebook:
Autumn~ A season of transition. You may be feeling the pull to reinvent yourself and your life! Allow the process to take place, change can be beautiful! You can transform anything you desire and it can be just as glorious as the amazing colors of an autumn tree.

How can you go about change in a non-scary, non-threatening way? Change your attitude! It's that simple. Take a step back from any situation and re-think your attitude. Here is a simple example. Do you dread cleaning? Instead of thinking about how much you hate the task, think about how good it feels when it is finished! Tap into the positive aspect instead of the negative to create a shift in your attitude.

As Fall is a season of transition, utilize these energies to create positive changes in a positive way! Make decisions as to what you really want to achieve and set goals in place to get you on your path! As winter rolls in you will be set to take the cozy winter months as a time of renewing you and your life, and when spring arrives you will be ready to blossom!

Look forward to the changes you will create with an attitude of gratitude and not one of fear! As my husband loves to say, "Your Attitude Affects Your Well Being!" Make the most of every day by shifting your thoughts in a positive way!

You can DO IT!

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