Not everyone can be happy 24/7 or free from stress all of the time, but there are three key steps that you can take to keep from arguing or having a spat with your partner! It's been said that even the best couples will have a fight every so often and that it can be good for a relationship to air out differences once in a while! I agree with the second but not with the first! Open communication can certainly air out differences and can do so WITHOUT an argument! I am proud to say that after nearly two years of marriage my husband and I have never once had an argument. How do we do it? Here are the three key ingredients to a peaceful relationship.

1.) Agree to talk openly. Sometimes you have something to say, and even though it isn't easy it is always best to get it out! Take a moment to reflect on what is really troubling you and formulate a way of presenting the issue in a non-threatening way. Share your feelings, stay calm and make your point without being argumentative.

2.) Open your ears and close your mouth. I know that's a HARD one for a lot of people, however, communication is a two way street. When one person is talking they really feel heard when you don't talk over them or try to interrupt. Many couples will end up talking in circles due to the fact that each partner is trying to get their point across and feel that they aren't being heard. If your mouth is open your ears are closed. Love and respect each other enough to REALLY listen.

3.) Agree to compromise. The truth is that in any situation you may BOTH be right! Standing your ground needlessly or as a defense mechanism may only lead to prolonged arguments and hurt feelings. Calmly reaching a middle ground will empower you both and create feelings of a united relationship. It's a two way street! Take the time to find out what makes you both happy.

Any good relationship will have its ups and downs, it is how you choose to react to situations and to convey your needs and desires that makes the BEST relationships work. Before you have a disagreement take the time to share these key points with your mate and let them know that you will be working WITH them on whatever it is that is important to your relationship!

Try may be surprised!