Each and every person desires to create a connection with others. Be it a spiritual, romantic or friendly connection there is something to be said about sharing our lives with friends and family. The key to any successful relationship is to FIRST develop a loving relationship with yourself. When you love yourself and treat yourself well, others will take notice and treat you in kind.

How do you begin to form a loving relationship with yourself? By taking the time to look within and discover who you truly are. Each and every person has amazing gifts to share with the world. Discovering your talents and self worth will open up the doors to creating supportive and successful relationships. As you embark on this journey of self discovery you will in time understand your motivations, dreams, desires, what makes you happy and truly you. The important thing is to become aware of your value. Set aside time to do something nice for yourself daily and cultivate a loving relationship with YOU. As you begin to acknowledge your talents, realize that you are worthy of goodness and love and recognize the Divine light that shines within, you will begin to attract positive and loving people into your life.

Each day take a few moments to relax in a quiet location. Even 15 minutes will do as a beginning! Sit quietly and open your mind to creating a vision of your ideal life. What do you see taking place, who do you see sharing this life with you? As you form a mental picture you will then begin to shift to a place of self awareness and understanding. If sitting quietly doesn't appeal to you, take the time to journal each day. A journal is a wonderful way to open up to your inner thoughts and desires.

Each moment that you devote to discovering your authentic self is a deposit in the bank of your self-worth. There is no other person like you and the world will be a better place when you share your unique talents with others. Once you cultivate an authentic and loving relationship with yourself you will begin to attract positive and supportive relationships into your life.

Appreciate yourself, recognize your worth and share the wonder that is you with the world!

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